Accolades for the SF AppShow

A few of the glowing comments we’ve gotten from past presenters and sponsors about the value of the SF AppShow:

  • “Presenting and networking at the March and April SFAppShows directly set in motion a chain of events taking me to the top of the charts, making Moe’s Notes the #1 Paid Productivity app in iTunes, being Featured by Apple, and breaking the overall Top Paid (#7) and Top Grossing apps (#24) lists.” -Christopher Schardt, developer, Moe’s Notes
  • “The SF AppShow helped propel Magic Window into the top 10 paid apps for the iPad 3G launch. The coverage we got from that resulted from the event drove sales up more than 50%. Without the SF App Show we would have never reached the top.” -Josh Michaels, Developer, Magic Window
  • “We’re in New York, but had to come to San Francisco to get into my home newspaper. Presenting at the November SFAppShow led to a great introduction & later, an article in the New York Times featuring my app, Panelfly. I can’t think of a better place to demo & market your product then at the AppShow!” -Stephen Lynch, CTO and Designer Panelfly
  • “The SF APPShow is one of the best events for the mobile app market.  I’ve been able to make great connections with new app developers, marketers and social and new media technology leaders.  If you want to meet the players in mobile app space today, this is an event not to miss!  Not only that, there’s great apps (applications & appetizers)!” -Sandra Ponce de Leon, Principal SPdL Marketing Strategies
  • “Thank you. The App Showcase was really great. We feel we  launched the company last night at the SF AppShow, and it’s an important event for us. We feel we’re now ready to roll our app out in a huge way. The event came off perfectly, and It was good seeing, meeting and mixing with all the people.  It was an excellent, excellent, event.”-David Hayden, CEO,, Marquee Sponsor
  • “The event was wonderful. You guys pulled it off. You created an event that had a lot of value for the people in the audience as well as the people who were presenting – and you had some great folks in that audience. We were very happy.”-John Schneider, CTO,, Marquee Sponsor and App Showcase Presenter
  • “SF App Showcase was a great venue for getting the word out about our app. The audience was tech savvy and very diverse. It was a superb networking opportunity and also a lot of fun!”-Peter Sisson, Founder and CEO, Toktumi, Inc., creators of Line2, and App Showcase Presenter
  • “In all honesty, that was the best app show I’ve seen yet. I was glad we could be a sponsor. We’ve already gotten a lot of interest from the showcase participants so thanks again.” -Michael Powers, Founder and CEO, Mplayit, and App Showcase Presenter and Sponsor