April 27th SF AppShow Recap

Ben Parr added his own unique flavor to the SF AppShow as guest host of the April 27th edition. Thanks, Ben!

You can watch the whole recorded show online here.

Catcalls and screeches filled 111 Minna as yours truly took off my size 40 jeans from last December….

I’ve been beta testing Dale Larson’s latest app  LeanScale as a dashboard for my fitness and body composition. LeanScale separates my lean weight and fat weight and tracks them separately to show my trend and progress (rather than daily variances). I’ve lost 20 pounds and 4 percent of my body fat while beta testing the app! The show stayed PG since I had my current size 36 jeans on underneath the jeans I removed.

The audience loved the Magic Window – Living Pictures for iPad Video demo and a watcher of the event’s Ustream livestream asked whether users would be able to make their own time lapse sequences for use in the app.  As if expecting the question, Josh Michaels of Jetson Creative  demoed a prototype app to create your own visuals for Magic Window.  Huge applause rang out as Josh announced that Apple just featured Magic Window and it is now the #1 app for iPad in the Entertainment category in iTunes. Great things happen to those in the SF AppShow!

Guy Goldstein of Pageonce wowed the crowd with the sophistication of their free Personal Assistant app that lets you do everything from see your bills to monitor your frequent flier miles, bank accounts, and cell phone minutes.

Chris Williams of Playfirst entertained the crowd with his demo of Diner Dash: Grilling Green for iPad the latest edition of the successful iPhone Diner Dash franchise, developed exclusively for the iPad, making use of the ability to use multiple gestures simultaneously to control game play.  The game works in both portrait and landscape mode and is even optimized for left or right-handed players.

Next up, David Barrett of Expensify proved to the audience that while they haven’t been able to make “expense reports fun.  With the Expensify iPhone app,  at least they no longer suck.”

I offer my sincere apologies to Oded Korczyn from Geotrio, whose video was not shown as part of their demo of Tour Recorder.  They have an excellent video that does a great job of describing their business and apps…  I’m embedding it here for everyone to see.

Finally, Dom Sagolla did get up on stage to heckle us with Bigger Words at the end of the night, and we thanked Sam Levin and Speck as we gave away several of their great cases and bags. Expect even more great giveaways and surprises at the next show May 25.