March 30th App Showcase Lineup

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App Showcase Lineup

See demos of newsworthy new apps, get insight from app developers, and find unrecognized app gems. Showcase starts at 7 PM, which will include live demos, Q&A, and a session on how to market your app on Facebook. is the first social voice network, and delivers the following features:

– Short, threaded voice messages which get the point across quickly

– Better functionality than SMS or email, and can reduce cost of user SMS plans

– Bridges the distinction between public and personal networks – easy to communicate socially with Panama.

– Eliminates the need for carrier voice mail, which can lower a user’s voice minute plan.

– Inexpensive to operate, can be offered at a low monthly service charge with a high profit margin

– A searchable database of user voices that can be creatively combined around topics or subjects or location

– A better conferencing platform that enables both one-to-one and one-to-many asynchronous conversations

– An effective voice communication alternative for the global traveler, eliminating the need for international calling plan, and a collaboration engine, encouraging conversations amongst peers within groups and a public format

tvChatter by Frog Design

tvChatter makes combining social media together with TV easy, interactive and fun.  ‘Dual screen’ watching – where one screen is a smartphone or a browser running on a laptop, the other a TV – is a fast growing trend. Although Twitter provides the engaging content, you do not necessarily need a twitter account to use tvChatter.  The app aggregates the most relevant tweets for you.  As you watch live or recorded television, you can follow along with what people are saying, join the conversation or restrict the discussion to just you and your friends.  tvChatter is also valuable to TV networks who see it as a way to keep audiences engaged for longer periods of time.

Steel Trap

2008 US Memory Champion Chester Santos is a sought after public speaker and personal coach for teaching people how to improve their memory.  He decided to turn his expertise and techniques for improving your memory into an iPhone app, appropriately titled Steel Trap.

If you’ve ever wanted to be better at remembering all the names of people you meet at a networking function such as the App Showcase, Steel Trap can help.  Follow the exercises in the App and you’ll be amazed that you’ll soon be memorizing the order of decks of cards, lists of names of people, Oscar winning movie titles, etc.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind app with nothing similar in the iTunes App Store. For the March 30th App Showcase, Chester will be memorizing the daily Top 100 Grossing Apps in the iTunes App Store.

Mighty Decider by Tribal Games

Popular BBC television comedy program The Mighty Boosh has entered the world of technology by releasing a new mobile application, which helps you make a decision. In an indecisive age, people are suddenly making decisions! The Mighty Decider is a whimsical, decision-making tool for navigating the mysterious paths in this twisty labyrinth we call life. What color tweed should I wear?  Which Miles Davis record should I listen to? Do these pants make me look fat? Should I ask Jessica or Jordan to dinner tonight?  All of these quandaries and many more can be answered with Mighty Decider.

Moe’s Notes by Moe’s Kitchen, and The San Francisco App Studio

Moe’s Notes is the only note-taking app for which audio, images, and video is integrated into each note.  It includes a powerful audio editor, with features such as:

* waveform display

* variable-speed playback

* trimming, changing volume

* automatic stripping of silent passages

It includes an image editor, allowing the user to crop, change brightness, and change resolution. Moe’s Notes is also the only note-taking app to fully-integrate three kinds of meta-data into each note, and allow powerful filtering/searching based upon them:

* GPS location – filter by drawing a box on a map containing the desired notes

* date/time – filter by selecting days on a calendar

* tag – filter by choosing tags with a quick, button-based UI (tags are added to notes with the one-touch-per-tag UI as well.)

With the update to be released in March, 2010, Moe’s Notes’ users will able to set an Alert for each note, specifying a time and date in the future at which to show/play the note’s data.

ImageQuest by GeeThree

ImageQuest is unique as it falls between other types of games. It is most like a word game, but doesn’t require a huge vocabulary.  It is like a puzzle, but does not deal with shapes/colors/patterns, numbers, or movement. It requires knowledge like a trivia game, but in a more simple, multi-dimensional way. ImageQuest challenges your brain to find relationships between images that are mostly easy to recognize, but different.  To solve these pictonym puzzles, both the left and right sides of the brain need to be coordinated to link the images together.

Line2 by Toktumi

Line2 is the first and only iPhone app that lets you place both inbound and outbound calls over cellular or VoIP using the same number.  Other apps may offer VoIP, but Line2 is the only app that also works over cellular for all call types.  It is ideal for the many people who suffer from poor cell reception at home or work, or simply want to reduce their cell phone bill. It automatically selects the best network available and just works – you don’t have to think about it – and you will never miss a call.   On the heels of a favorable review by David Pogue in the March 24th New York Times, Line2 is currently the number one paid app in the iTunes App Store.

Address Assistant

Do you store contact information in places other than your phone’s contacts, like your Google calendar?  Address assistant searches your calendar for any contact information and automatically creates contacts from your calendar.  Unlike the other apps at the Showcase, it doesn’t require installation of any software and will run on any internet connected phone.

WasteNot by Kismet Worldwide Consulting

WasteNot provides a llaborative (i.e. crowdsourced), worldwide platform for sharing good environmental ideas, seeing where those ideas get put into practice, and how much those ideas are saving the world. This unique, infotainment approach to environmentalism encourages participation by showing both personal and global results, and inspires people to think up new ideas to share with the world.

3D Storybook – The Wrong Side of the Bed 3D by See Here Studios LLC

Four days before the launch of the iPad, the App Showcase is pleased to close with a demo of the first 3D Children’s story for the iPad, 3D Storybook – The Wrong Side of the Bed 3D. It is the first 3D children’s book app for the iPhone and iPad.  It shows the potential of illustrated children’s books on the iPad, which has a beautiful screen for sharing detailed and rich artwork.  3D is a very hot topic now, and we worked with one of the best 3D experts to produce the app – Ray Zone, who is featured in this month’s New Yorker cover article about 3D cinema.