May 23d SF AppShow Recap

SF AppShow 14th. Edition

We had a blast at the May 23d SF AppShow.  The picture above shows host Gina Smith and Executive Producer Seth Socolow looking at the results from the SF AppShow “download-o-meter” where the audience downloaded Radium One’s more than any other app. makes it easy to share photos, videos, and audio from your iPhone to your favorite social networks. RadiumOne acquired Clixtr who launched PicBounce at the SF AppShow back in November 2010 and built PicBounce into Here’s a brief run-down of all the great apps presented at the May 23d SF AppShow.

Alexa Miller founder of StagePage Facetimed us from her home in St. Louis to talk about her app StagePage for documenting all your favorite concert experiences.  The app allows you to compile your ticket stubs, photos, set lists, and names of the others with whom you attended the concert and share them on Facebook.  You could call it Digital Scrapbooking for concerts.  I personally am looking forward to using it during this summer’s concerts I’ll attend.  Alexa mentioned that she’s seen growing adoption of her app from Japan and needed help getting a Japanese version of the app made.    Brendan Clavin from app localization experts Tethras was in the audience and offered to translate StagePage into Kanji for free.  Thanks, Brendan!

We’d had Metaio at one of the early SF AppShows back in January 2010 and invited them to come back and give an update on the latest on Junaio.  Trak Lord, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Metaio blew the audience away with a very cool augmented reality demo of a virtual Lego truck driving around the package in which it’s sold.

Next up Randy Adams, CEO and Founder of Socialdial, demoed his CrowdCall iOS and Android app that takes the pain out of conference calls on Mobile Phones. I’m personally tired of trying to remember pin codes and whether or not to press # after entering them.  CrowdCall simply pulls up to 20 people together on a single call at a designated time whether or not they have the app installed.

Everyone wants to get in shape for the summer and iTrain manager and fitness expert, Sebastian Reant launched his company’s first iPhone app SlimDown at the SF AppShow.

Daniel Pifko, CEO of SocialNav, shared the Ultimate Drive app, his company developed for BMW.  Daniel described the app as “Yelp for really good roads.  It helps you find really good places to drive based on recommendations from other people.  It works around the world and has been localized in 4 languages.”

There is so much video content available online these days that it’s increasingly difficult to separate what’s worth watching from the dull and boring. Co-Founder, Rajnish demoed, a beautiful retina display app that curates videos for you based on videos your friends are sharing on social media.

GiddyUp Co-Founder Elliot Goldwater demoed the GiddyUp app for iPhone and Android that makes it easier to get together with your friends.  You can create an event with the app that is backed by group chat.  As long as the recipients of your GiddyUp invitation have a smartphone they’ll receive a text message with a link to a mobile web page for the event where you can include the time, location (with map), etc.  Invitees do not need to have the app installed.

Clement Tardy, Product Manager for Beat the Traffic, showed off their app for monitoring real time traffic. The app uses data from the Department of Transportation, private sources, and Beat the Traffic app users.

SF AppShow sponsors MEDL Mobile demoed their brand new Rampage Punch app developed in partnership with UFC and veteran Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The app tests how hard you can punch in comparison to Rampage’s punch which is benchmarked at 100.  Along the way Rampage encourages and critiques your punches in hilarious fashion.

You can watch the whole show or individual app demo segments on YouTube.  Photos from the event can be found here.